Collection: Youth Coping Boxes

Kids can react in a variety of ways when they are dealing with anxiety and stress. When some kids are anxious, they may get stomachaches or headaches or get teary. They may yell at their siblings. Some kids fall apart as soon as they get home from school. These are not the most ideal ways for kids to deal with such overwhelming feelings. They need effective coping techniques for anxiety and stress. Our Coping Boxes encourage youth to explore multiple ways of managing stress, finding solitude, and improving self-expression confidence.

Why Coping Boxes?

How Do They Help

Preparation for Counseling

The Coping Box serves as a great tool for preparing youth to engage in therapy or counseling. As they use the Coping Box, our hope is that they gain better perspective of themselves and the others.

Sense of Ownership and Control

Youth can often feel as if they have no control over things that directly affect them--this the reality for many. The Coping Box serves as one aspect of a youth's life that they own, look after, and build on.

What We've Learned

Youth are sharing crisis information from the Coping Box with their friends. Even if the youth is not showing signs of mental health challenges or appear to need help, it's still beneficial to introduce them to Project Coping Box. It's better to have the information and not need than to need the information and not have it. Two thirds of Coping Box recipients report willingness to seek mental health help.

Your Purchase Matters

We are a business that operates with social change at the forefront. We're providing services and products that help youth navigate life's daily stressors and combat mental stigma. We're most proud that our business funds various mental health initiatives that take place regularly in Cleveland and surrounding suburbs.